Mixie and her lot

Av Paul Britten Austin

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Mixie and her lot being your third and fourth helpings of the daft goings on at 99 Acacia Avenue, Humpworth (West). All about how Mixie and Her lot coped with Life. How her son the Rev. Dongo comes unexpectedly home and how the Gobo pygmies (she is sorry to see) are busily converting him to their nasty ways. You will read all about the poet laureate Elzevir Ffluttle; how the soldier took his friend Snoopy for a walk in the country. And – hear with your heart in your mouth – what happened – oh terrors, oh terrors! – to Marian Q. Honeysuckle-Quackdoodle the night of the Great Storm, when half of Merry Old England – remember? – almost blew into the sea. And how Millie and her lot came home. Further, how Mr Moth the Antiques Man sold one of Mixies silver spoons for a tidy sum, which enables Mixie at long last to move to a cottage in the country, taking with her (of course) her dear Mr Muddle (who will never be sure whether he was a man or a dog). And lastly, how, after Sunday manipulations by Ffluttle and our tourist officer Ivan Ripoff, Mixies house is turned into a Statly Home, visited annually by millions. And how Everything Turns Out All Right in the End.
If it does not cheer you up, then nothing won´t, ever.

ISBN 91-7040-000-8
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