Mixie, Trixie and the Soldier

Av Paul Britten Austin

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You ever stayed at 99 Acacia Avenue, Humpworth (West) and wondered what on earth your fellow-lodgers are on about? Not the kind of English you learnt at school, but the sort most of us talt. Ten to one they are discussing ”Mixie, Trixie and the Soldier”. A pop-up book if ever there was one for all who love Merry Old England (the Decline and Fall of) and who still have not quite grown up.
In Mixie´s big heart there is room for everyone – not only for the handsome Soldier, but also for those two egocentrics Professor McOlogy (Nobel Prize-winning inventor of Black Holes) and her husband Trixie (who claims he is genius and collects dynamite in the back room). Even perhaps (if only a very small one) for the intolerable Mrs Marion Q. Honeysuckle and her herb teas and lethal knitting needles. Hardly for the Owl (who can sit on her mantelpiece, but the kitchen is out of bounds). Then there is her dear Mr Muddle, who is never quite sure whether he is a man or a dog. And perpetual-motion Teadrop, who doesn´t give any of us a moments peace. And poor Snoopy, who is chums with Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. What happens – oh horrors! – when Wilberforce Z. Snowight jnr., the Richest Man in the World, turns up and Catastrophe threatens? Oh help!!

ISBN 91-7118-892-4
196 sidor
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